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About Us

Hello and welcome to my weather website! My name is Andrew Dunn and I’m a meteorologist with a passion for making weather fun and accessible.

I’ve been fascinated by the weather since I was a little kid growing up in Oklahoma, where watching dark clouds roll across the plains was part of daily life. In high school, I volunteered as a storm spotter and reported local weather conditions. I went on to study meteorology in college and worked at the campus TV station announcing the forecasts.

After graduating, I worked for seven years as an on-air meteorologist at a news station in Dallas. I loved translating weather data into forecasts everyone could understand. But I ultimately left TV to pursue my dream of creating engaging weather content online.

That’s when I started this website! Here you’ll find weather explainers, seasonal forecasts, climate change discussions, and the inside scoop on wacky weather phenomena. I report on the latest research and technology shaping the future of meteorology.

A few fun facts about me:

  • I’ve been in the field during tornadoes and hurricanes to report live on the conditions.
  • Thunderstorms are my favorite weather to photograph.

Make sure to subscribe to receive helpful weather alerts and updates in your area! I’m so glad you’re here. Let’s get excited about the amazing science happening in skies above us.